Mark Rinewalt - Vocal Trance & Progressive Video Mix 4 (Flash format)

Concept: I create or remix videos for the various mixes. It's a long and tedious process, some of them took10 hours x 8 tracks (80 hours!) to do this. Afterward, I mix them just as if they are records or CDs. The final result is a DJ mix with video.

The focus is on music video, so I can't mix tracks that producers have released two weeks ago. I either have a three-minute music video to extend, or I have to create a video from scratch. This limits my track selection considerably, as I don't want to create a video for every artist. The are some tracks that came out a few weeks ago, and some that were released a couple of years ago.

The original frame-rate is 30 fps for the NTSC DVD (or 25 fps for the PAL DVD version). The Flash frame-rate here is 24fps to keep the file size down somewhat. Some of the micro-editing I've done is lost in the skipped frames.

P.S.: An audio-only version (MP3, 160 Kb/s) is here: MarkRinewalt-TranceProg_VideoMix04.mp3

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